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Internet giants enter the scene to sound the alarm for the tire industry

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Giants enter the scene to change the pattern

Not long ago, at the Frankfurt Auto Show in Shanghai, the e-commerce platform such as Togo and JD.

Seeing the audience in front of these booths, the head of the marketing department of a tire company said: "The 2018 is obviously different! Internet giants have entered the market, they are not bad money and the online resources are strong, this may be true. Will change the post-market pattern of the car."

This trend of change has been extremely evident since the end of 2017.

At the end of November last year, Jingdong completed the acquisition of the naughty stall.

On August 22, 2018, Tmall Motors teamed up with Auto Superman and Kangzhong Auto Parts to form a new Kangzhong.

In September, Togo maintained a new round of financing totaling approximately US$450 million, and Tencent became its investor.

With the advent of the Internet giant, the automotive aftermarket segment has entered the era of “big players”.

Along with this, tire companies are either active or passive, making choices.

Goodyear, Cooper and other brands signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Jingdong.

Zhongce Rubber began to build a “medium-strategy space” and announced the gradual opening of capital and resources.

At the same time, a number of tire companies issued a statement saying that they have found unauthorized brand-name tires on domestic e-commerce platforms such as Taobao, Jingdong, and Dieduo, and do not provide quality assurance and after-sales service for such products.

The tire companies that issued the statement include Zhengxin Rubber, Linglong Tire, Wanli Tire, Double Money Tire, Fengyuan Tire, Longyue Rubber, Qingdao Aobai Shi and so on.

A person in charge of the sales department of a tire company said that the current choice may determine the future status of some tire brands in China's replacement tire market.

Service or post-market key

In 2018, the revolution in China's tire sales channels has become increasingly fierce.

According to incomplete statistics, from January to November, more than 230 tires and related enterprises applied for cancellation in the industrial and commercial department.

Most of these companies are tire sales companies.

In the era of the Internet, the price and gross profit of goods began to become transparent.

Coupled with the impact of the new giants, it has indeed brought a lot of influence to many tire dealers who have earned the difference in profit mode.

How to deal with the powerful "capital crocodile" and maintain the offline sales channels has become a problem that many tire companies must face.

After hearing the news released by Tenghu Plan 1.0, a tire company executive issued a message in the circle of friends, saying that "we are also ready."

In his view, if the tire sales channel is controlled by the e-commerce platform, the tire manufacturing company will completely lose the right to speak.