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New Deal released tire export companies benefit

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Recently, the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation jointly issued a notice to adjust the export tax rebate rate for some products.

Tire World Network found that since November 1, the export tax rebate rate for 22 tire products has been raised from 9% to 13%.

At the same time, the export tax rebate rate is greatly increased, including various rubber raw materials and rubber products.

Affected by Sino-US trade frictions, the external demand market continued to weaken, and the export trade of Chinese tire products was not optimistic.

On October 8, the State Council held a standing meeting and decided to further improve the export tax rebate policy.

At that time, Tire World Network reported that raising the export tax rebate rate may become an opportunity for tire companies to reduce tax burden and maintain stable growth of foreign trade.

It is reported that the export tax rebate rate adjustment, most of the products only increased by 1 percentage point, the tires were significantly increased by 4 percentage points.

In recent years, the National Rubber Industry Association and the NPC deputies in the tire industry have all called for an increase in the export tax rebate rate for tires.

Some industry experts said that this tax rebate policy can benefit the tire industry extensively, and tire foreign trade enterprises will benefit a lot.