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How to maintain car tires?

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How to maintain car tires?

Paying attention to inspection and maintenance and rational use of tires, the most direct benefit is cost saving. In fact, there is a deeper meaning: the condition of good tires is very important for people and car safety. Therefore, in the process of using the car, the tire condition must be checked frequently to see if it has bulges, cuts, nails, rubber aging of the valve and abnormal wear. If tire damage is found, consult a professional tire shop immediately. It is recommended to provide professional maintenance advice for the actual situation of the vehicle owner driving, and at the same time strengthen the safety awareness of the majority of car owners and promote the safety common sense of the correct use of tires. In addition, the first tire transposition is carried out when driving 10,000 km to extend the life of the tire and ensure driving safety. If necessary, four wheel alignment is required to prevent abnormal wear.

Properly maintained tires will provide a more comfortable driving experience and a longer tread life.

Therefore: 1. Please check the tire pressure every month with the correct method (ie in the "cold" condition).

2. Always check for any cuts, protrusions, punctures, and any damage or irregular wear on the tires.

3. Once the tread is found to be abnormally worn, please check the four wheel alignment immediately.

4. After installing the wheels, please ensure that they are balanced.

5. Perform wheel position change according to the requirements in the vehicle user manual or the requirements of the tire manufacturer.

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